Financial & Accounting Solutions

Your organization may not have the operational volume to justify a full-time finance and accounting function. At TKC, we can leverage our experience to produce financial information you can rely on, while keeping fiduciary responsibility as a top priority.

To keep your organization moving forward, you may have a sudden need for assessments or reporting projects to give you quality expert information to make strategic decisions. Whether it be forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting, control assessment/implementation, or staying informed on current rules and regulations, you can rely on our broad experience to meet your continuously changing needs.

Maintaining precise financial information is a constant need of all organizations, and the departure of a finance or accounting staff member can be disruptive to this necessary internal/external reporting. At TKC, we are fully equipped to swiftly step in and avoid any disruption within your organization. Whatever the situation, we will work with you to bridge the gap.

“IBA has a long relationship with the members of Three-Kay Consulting, and over the years we have always felt we are in good hands. Their knowledge of both the nonprofit and real estate development industries helps Executive Management make strategic decisions that further our organization financially and operationally.

We consider Three-Kay Consulting a member of our staff, from accessibility to passion for delivering practical and tactical support, we know Three-Kay Consulting is genuinely vested in IBA.”

Vanessa Calderón-Rosado

Chief Executive Officer

Audit Readiness

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Audit of Controls
  • Audit of Compliance

Preparing for an audit is not only demanding, but it also requires an intimate understanding of which accounting, and compliance regulations apply to your organization. Having twenty years of combined experience as auditors, preparing for the audit process is second nature to the TKC team. Not only do we assist your organization in being prepared for your audit, but we also ensure your books, records, and control structure yield a positive audit process for your organization.

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